Protecting the Precious

On the Saturday night massacre of October 20, 1973, US Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus resigned because President Nixon had ordered them to fire Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox who was after audio recordings made in the White House.


To this day the men are lionized by the left and the media, but I repeat myself. The job of firing Cox was left to Solicitor General Robert Bork. He too wanted to resign, but the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General convinced him to stay so someone would be in charge of the Justice Department. Bork, believing he had a constitutional duty to comply with the order of the Chief Executive, fired Cox and appointed Leon Jaworski who would carry out the Watergate investigation.

The whole thing involved, in large part, 18 minutes out of 300,000 minutes of audio tape and a potential cover up of a crime. Editorialists at the time were calling for a deeper investigation. They denounced Bork for firing Cox — an act he clearly did not want to do. The media demanded independence, a congressional investigation, and scalps.

In Washington today, the circle of jerks covering President Obama is more interested in scalping the Redskins than getting to the bottom of how 7 employees of the IRS could suddenly have their emails erased with no backups. So many of their spouses work for President Obama, they feel their chief duty is to protect their precious.

The media, contrary to the claims of some, are not easily distracted. They could hound George Bush over the Valerie Plame situation. They could hound him over the firings of US Attorneys, which was his constitutional prerogative. The media is not easily distracted unless the media wants to be distracted.


And the media does want to be distracted. The circle of jerks have circled their wagons around their precious. They do not want a special prosecutor because they think, fundamentally, that what President Obama is doing is a good thing. They are with him in his quest to fundamentally transform America. And in many cases it is their spouses and significant others who are helping him make the transformation.

A special prosecutor would jeopardize their gravy train and undermine their precious at a time Americans want to know just one thing: what didn’t the President know and when did he decide to not read the paper so he wouldn’t know it?


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