Georgia Congressman Tom Graves Embraces His Role as Leadership Judas Goat

A judas goat is a trained goat used by a slaughterhouse to lead other animals to slaughter with its own life being spared. Congressman Tom Graves of Georgia, long a conservative darling in the House of Representatives, has embraced the role of judas goat for the House Republican Leadership.


Within twenty-four hours of Eric Cantor’s defeat last Tuesday, two members of Congress called me and informed me that Graves had already thrown his lot with Kevin McCarthy. His departure from conservative ranks to rally to McCarthy was complete and he was unpersuadable according to both of his colleagues.

Graves’s rapid support for McCarthy can only be seen as opportunistic. Then, and making matters worse, it is one thing to opportunistically support a guy like McCarthy and entirely something else to actually nominate McCarthy and give him some sort of conservative seal of approval.

Graves has had some crummy votes since he has been in Congress, but going so far as to nominate McCarthy goes a bit too far. The conservative love affair with Graves was already waning. It is time to just end it. Let’s see what he gets for himself by trading the veneer of conservatism.


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