The Redskins Get Their Trademark Yanked by Aggrieved White Liberals

The Washington Redskins have had their trademark yanked by the US Patent and Trademark Office because white liberals who feel guilty about their privilege were offended.


That is the actual fact. Most American Indians . . . errrr . . . Native Americans could care less. In fact, on Indian Reservations around the country there are kids’ sports teams called the Redskins.

The logo itself had the collaboration of Indians at its conception.

What is really going on here is that a bunch of overeducated white guys who cry during Love Actually feel they have too much privilege and are thus guilty. So they have gone out and found things to be offended about on behalf of others less privileged than themselves.

The Washington Redskins were just standing there looking all privileged and stuff on the back of American Indians. So they were targeted by a class of men who pee sitting down.

The lesson here is that guilty feeling white liberals are a threat to freedom and, in Barack Obama’s America, the key to survive is to not appear on the radar of in Washington, D.C. Once Washington’s elite know of your existence and you do not behave like them, they will turn the power of government in your direction.

As Dave Brat said channeling his Weber and Bastiat, government has a monopoly on violence. And it is used by those who control government to attack those who do not conform to the elite’s moral code.


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