Mead Treadwell for Alaska

In the Alaska Senate race, I’m going with Mead Treadwell, the Lt. Governor. This puts me at odds with some of my friends on the right. But I think Mead would be the best.


For one thing, he is better on the stand your ground law in Alaska than his opponent. But Treadwell also has shown an ability to build support in Alaska that extends beyond a lot of Washington interests. Unlike his opponent, Treadwell has a proven ability to win in Alaska, having run successfully for office. He has also spent time with tea party groups in Alaska, which his opponent has seemingly avoided.

Likewise, American Crossroads is supporting Treadwell’s opponent, which suggests to me the crony capitalists have him pegged as their guy. His opponent, while serving as Assistant Secretary of State, also took positions against “over reliance on hydrocarbons” and wanted to “end our dependency on oil.” He was all in on a “climate change” agenda. Tie American Crossroads and climate change together and you get bad news for everyone but the crony capitalist rent seekers in Washington.


Treadwell is well thought of by my friends in Alaska. I don’t know him personally, but we have a number of common friends, all of whom are very enthusiastic for him. He has been a good Lt. Governor in the state, he has been a champion of the second amendment, he’s right on life issues, and he supports opening ANWR to oil exploration.

If you are in Alaska and don’t know who to vote for, I hope you’ll give Mead Treadwell some consideration.


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