The Stupid Party

Less than twenty-four hours after the shockwaves of Eric Cantor’s defeat, the House Republican Party has decided to ignore the results as a meaningless anomaly.


They will expedite a leadership election to affirm the status quo with Cantor’s right hand, Kevin McCarthy, picked as Majority Leader.

McCarthy is squishy on a host of issues, bad on immigration, and not a friend of conservatives. House Republicans looked on the biggest electoral surprise of the year and are giving it the middle finger.

Kevin McCarthy was even one of the participants at the liberal “Mainstreet Partnership” retreat in Amelia Island. That group not only tries to obstruct the general Republican agenda, but also tries to actively defeat conservatives — including incumbent, elected Republicans. McCarthy collaborated with them.

Amnesty is coming friends. Amnesty is coming. They care more about Wall Street dollars than Main Street voters.

For perspective — Eric Cantor’s Heritage Action score is a full eleven points higher than Kevin McCarthy’s.

The American Conservative Union, which measures Republican-ness of members, gives Eric Cantor an 84% rating and Kevin McCarthy a 72% rating for 2013.

Kevin McCarthy voted for the bloated Hurricane Sandy relief package that even New Jersey Democrats said was riddled with corruption and more than needed. He opposed reforms to the flood insurance program that would save taxpayers’ money. He has also oppose both Republican Study Committee budget proposals and a widely hailed government reform measure that conservatives broadly supported.


Kevin McCarthy voted for the massive food stamp and farm bill opposed by conservatives. In fact, a majority of Republicans rejected it, but McCarthy aligned himself with Democrats to try to get it passed. He has refused to reform the federal sugar program using free market principles. He has refused to limit crop insurance subsidies. He has refused to cut $1.5 billion from the Department of Energy’s bloated budget.

McCarthy voted for the FARM Act, which made no meaningful reforms to farm policy. He has repeatedly voted to raise the debt ceiling. He voted for the Ryan-Murray tax increase plan. He voted to hand Barack Obama a blank check to raise the debt ceiling.

He is just another in a long line of big spenders who thinks the Democrats in charge of government are the problem, not government itself.


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