Obama Administration Official, Brandon Friedman, Calls Soldiers 'Psychopaths'

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Brandon Friedman is a former liberal activist and disillusioned veteran. After working hard and relatively unsuccessfully to get soldiers to vote for Barack Obama, he got a job inside the administration. He now works for the Department of Housing and Urban Development as the Secretary for Public Affairs.


Friedman has taken to twitter to call the soldiers who served with Bergdahl “psychopaths” for daring to be critical of Bergdahl. His remarks come on the heels of Obama Administration spokesmen accusing Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers, who did not desert, of swift boating Bergdahl.

Friedman, prior to joining the administration, used his position as a veteran to attack military and military supporters who did not support Obama. This is just a long pattern of his clear hostility to the military. Perhaps Friedman, given his memoir The War I Always Wanted, is sympathetic to a deserter who possibly sought out the Taliban.


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