Distractions and Focus

Eric Shinseki is gone. It happened on Friday. News like this happens on a Friday. Jay Carney followed shortly thereafter on Friday.

But then there was the other story. We have gotten back Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban. The Administration is focusing on this and distracting the press, most likely willingly, from a few issues that require focus.


First is the ongoing V.A. scandal. The Secretary in charge resigning does not change the story.

But more importantly is the Bergdahl issue.

There are credible reports surfacing that Bergdahl might have been a deserter, something worse, or at least was AWOL. Bergdahl’s father apparently put up a tweet, since deleted, about trying to do more to get more released from GTMO.

Most troubling, it appears we released some very bad and dangerous men from GTMO in exchange for Bergdahl. Gone are the days of not negotiating with terrorists. But in this negotiation, we may have released some men who will now try to kill us in exchange for a soldier who deserted us.

As the ultimate intentional screw up from an administration that outted a CIA agent by accident, the President broke the law in the transaction. But his own party will not hold him accountable unless a bunch of Americans die as a result of this decision.


This all demands some focus that we probably will not get until there is smoke on the horizon. The press, as always, protects the precious. With so many spouses of journalists working for this administration and outside leftist groups that support the administration, we cannot expect them to ask the questions that need to be asked unless, like with the VA situation, there are dead Americans.


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