Another Young Man Turns Violent

Another young man has turned to violence. Stabbing some and shooting others, he wanted to exact revenge for some rejecting him.

In a “war on women” culture, some vocal voices have seized on this as what happens to men questing for a fully masculine culture. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.


Best we can tell, Elliot Rodger lived the very lifestyle the cultural left thinks men should live and that is regularly glorified on the silver screen. For all the talk of a “War on Women,” there has actually been a war on masculinity for a few decades. And more and more twenty-something young men are getting lost and acting out while society tries to find something new to replace the tried and true.

Society used to expect men to open doors, protect their families, and be champions of modesty and virtue. But chivalry is dead. Instead of men and women complimenting each other, they’re supposed to be perfectly equal even if they are not. The hook up culture, instant gratification, and selfishness pervade our culture.

Young men need role models. But all the role models are now considered outmoded creations of Victorian society and the fifties. In the world of having the most toys and getting the most hookups, life becomes far too expendable and some young men cannot cope.


What happened in California not a political cause or issue. It’s an issue of social failing. It has nothing to do with masculine culture and a great deal to do with a culture that has lost its way while trying to find something new.

It is a tragedy.


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