From the Mail Bag: Juris Doctorate Edition

Hahahahahahaha. As a lawyer, or at least as a recovering one, putting “JD” next to your name is probably the most ridiculous thing a person can do. I don’t even know people who do “Esq.” anymore for the most part, but “JD”? Really?


Oh, and Streiff is getting a promotion for his excellent ability to rid us of high in the saddle JD’s.

From: Adam Watkins “[email protected]
To: Contact “[email protected]
Re: screw your endorsement and $250 check

[National Radio Talk Show Host] is going to ask people to vote for Grimes, and I will make calls for her and donate to her campaign. We need to send a message to the Establishment.

I am no turncoat. I agree with [Talk Radio Host] and [Most Listened to Talk Radio Host] 99% of the time. I have, however, been banned from your website 4 times (I used 4 different names over the years).


All me.

Redstate would get a lot more traffic and respect if you’d tolerate gays instead of having that homophobe streiff bash us all the time.

Adam Watkins, JD

Yes, you can treat this as an open thread.


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