McConnell for Senate

I genuinely like and rooted for Matt Bevin. But his campaign made an early mistake that got amplified through the course of the campaign. He needed to give the reason “why him” instead of “why not McConnell.” Instead, he got beaten in the definition game, outspent, and overrun.


Matt Bevin will not be the Republican nominee in Kentucky. As much as I wish he would be, all of us have to deal with reality. The reality is that it will be Mitch McConnell or Allison Grimes comes November. And I sure as hell don’t want Allison Grimes.

So I will proudly support Mitch McConnell. I sent his campaign $250.00 today to help build the general election war chest. People tell me I’m a leader in the conservative movement. Sometimes leading means going where I’d prefer not to.

At RedState we are always for the conservative in the primary and the Republican in the general election. Mitch McConnell will be that Republican and we will help him.


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