Nebraska and the Status Quo

The Nebraska Republican primary draws near and the race is clear test of whether Republicans support the status quo. As Shane Osborn collapses in the Senate polling and Ben Sasse’s lead grows, some Republicans are flirting with Sid Dinsdale.


Dinsdale claims to be a “life long” Republican, with a pattern of giving to Democrats. He’s a pretty good example of a crony capitalist, having used his bank to help push Washington to shape law and policy. But it is the status quo of the crony capitalist back scratchers and run of the mill Republican who the establishment want.

Don’t just look at the Senate race; look at the Nebraska gubernatorial primary too. Pete Ricketts is running against Jon Bruning. Ricketts is a free market conservative. Bruning loved Obama’s stimulus, supports universal health care, and at one point was fine with higher taxes on social security.

So naturally, the Establishment is running to Bruning with open arms.

Nebraska has helped expose the Establishment happy with the status quo and the conservatives who want to bring Washington back to Main Street, away from Wall Street and crony capitalists.

Conservatives should go vote for Pete Ricketts and Ben Sasse, two guys who are principled and not comfortable to those who got us to $17 trillion in national debt.


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