Jahan Wilcox, RNC Spokesman, Attacks Republican Candidate as "Fraud"

Jahan Wilcox is the rapid response director at the RNC. He’s charged with responding quickly to attack Democrats and rebut Democrat attacks on the GOP.

Last night, Jahan Wilcox responded quickly to Thom Tillis’s victory in North Carolina by declaring that next would be to defeat Matt Bevin, the Republican candidate in Kentucky, who Wilcox called a “fraud.”


Last night I gave $100.00 to Thom Tillis. I opposed him in the primary. I think he won’t be nearly as good in the Senate as several of his opponents. But he is the nominee and I rallied to his side last night.

But let’s not fool ourselves. Guys like Jahan Wilcox and much of the establishment would not pee on conservatives if they were on fire. They want us defeated and silenced, even though they demand our money and votes in the general. Were Matt Bevin to win Kentucky — and he keeps going up in the polls there — these guys would do everything possible to sabotage his general election bid, daring to hope the Democrats win.

Last night in North Carolina, the candidates not supported by the Establishment, Karl Rove’s Crossroads, and the Chamber of Commerce got more votes than Thom Tillis. In Texas, John Cornyn couldn’t get to 60% of the vote against a candidate none of the major tea party groups would even support. In Texas.


At some point, conservatives are going to stop writing checks and stop showing up. We do kind of know when we aren’t wanted. And Jahan Wilcox, who has also used his twitter feed to attack groups like the Club For Growth, pretty clearly does not want conservatives in the mix.


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