Sid Dinsdale: Democrat Running as a Republican

Sid Dinsdale is upset. Yes, I got it wrong and quickly corrected it. In fact, before Dinsdale cried foul, I had already corrected it. Dinsdale’s wife gave money to groups that collaborate with Planned Parenthood and his sister is on Planned Parenthood’s board.


But those are just the beginning.

Sid Dinsdale is also a Democrat.

In 2008, Dinsdale gave $2,300.00 to Anthony Raimaondo. Raimaondo ran in 2008 for the Democratic Senate Primary. He lost to Scott Kleeb. Raimaondo wanted to beat Mike Johanns, the former Republican Governor who successfully ran for the Senate.

Dinsdale gave money in 2004 to Nancy Thompson. Thompson was the Democrat who challenged incumbent Republican Representative Lee Terry.

Go all the way back to 1989 and Dinsdale was giving money to environmental activist and then incumbent Democrat Peter Hoagland.

You will not be surprised to learn that when Dinsdale’s wikipedia entry was created late last year, it listed him as “a life long Republican.”

I should also note that Dinsdale is President of Pinnacle Bancorp, Inc. Dinsdale’s bank has funded Democrats too. In 2012, after Obamacare passed, the PAC gave Ben Nelson $2,500.00. Then there was $500.00 to Democrat Thomas White in 2010. The PAC gave $250.00 to Maxine Moul in 2006 as well as $1000.00 to Ben Nelson that year too.

For a life long Republican, Dinsdale sure has funded a lot of Democrats running against Republicans.


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