To Change America

Stories continue to trickle out about coming Republican betrayals. Once primaries are over, Republicans are going to push amnesty. Once primaries are over, Republicans are going to give up efforts to repeal Obamacare. They’ll tinker instead.


The only way to change the direction of the country is to change the direction of the GOP. The only way to change the direction of the GOP is to unleash hell in Republican primaries. Whether it is beating Ralph Hall in his Texas runoff, or electing good outsiders like Barry Loudermilk in Georgia, Bryan Smith in Idaho, Art Halvorson in Pennsylvania, and others, we must change the GOP.

In just a couple of weeks, we can advance the fight by helping Ben Sasse in Nebraska. Right now he is coming under withering attacks from his opponent claiming Ben is bad on Obamacare, which isn’t true. We need to help Ben.

But then we absolutely need to help Matt Bevin in Kentucky. Defeating Mitch McConnell would send shockwaves through the GOP. It’d also improve our chances of keeping the Senate considering just how vulnerable McConnell is against the Democrat.

The establishment has pulled out all the stops. They’ve attacked Matt Bevin pretty savagely. They’ve attacked every organization supporting Bevin. They’ve run attacks in the media against the outside groups. But Matt Bevin is worth supporting. He’s a good man, a solid conservative, and would make a great Senator.


If you want to change America, you must change the Republican Party. To change the Republican Party, you must support men like Bevin, Sasse, McDaniel, and others. They need your prayers, help, commitment, and vote.

Otherwise, it’s amnesty, Obamacare, and big government Republicanism all the way down.


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