Silencing the Christians

This past Thursday night, before flying to Des Moines for the Family Leader’s Senate Forum, I spoke to the Alliance Defending Freedom in north Atlanta. The Alliance is a Christian ministry that works with lawyers around the country to defend religious liberty. The Alliance has helped students in colleges where secularists have tried to stop Christian voices from being heard. The Alliance has helped doctors and nurses who refused to violate their consciences.


It has been labeled a “hate group” by the left. In fact, Media Matters, several militant gay groups, and other left wing organizations made sure to tell their fans and supporters where the event would be and that I would be speaking. After the Southern Poverty Law Center named the Family Research Council a hate group, a gay rights activist showed up at FRC with a gun aiming to kill people.

This is a sign of the times.

And so it was Thursday night that, in order for this group to meet, they had to have four security officers present along with a fifth who was traveling with my radio producer and me.

Five security officers for a faith based group to be able to meet in peace in Atlanta, GA — that is a disturbing sign of the times.


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