The Obama Administration's War on Beer

As the craft beer craze rages across America, the Obama Administration looks on track to jack up the costs incurred by the industry by several million dollars.

Right now across America, breweries often sell or give their spent grain to farms for cow feed. The spent grain is a byproduct of the brewery process. The grain gets recycled, the cows, get fed, and the world goes on.

But the Obama Administration’s Food and Drug Administration bureaucrats have determined that breweries distributing spent grain to farmers must be treated as animal feed manufacturers. Such a classification would require breweries to handle their spent grain differently and drive up the cost of doing business.

Here’s the kicker. Daniel McChesney, director of surveillance and compliance in the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine, admits the FDA is not aware of any problem. They have juste decided to be proactive.

This practice has gone on for at least fifty years and in some cases much, much longer. There has never been evidence that spent grain has caused harm to animals or, in turn, to humans who then eat the cows or drink their milk.

But too many Americans like a beer every now and then.

First they came for the Happy Meals . . .

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