Among those strongly interested in politics in America right now, the GOP leads by 14 percentage points on the question of who should control Congress. Among the electorate as a whole, the GOP and Democrats are largely tied. But the electorate as a whole does not vote, particularly in midterms.


The Democrats are less likely to vote in 2014, they are less energized, and they do not even see Organization for Action making much headway. The Republicans have had several good weeks. The news about Obamacare, spun by the press as good enrollment numbers, is not helping. Many of those who signed up did not want to be in Obamacare and they do not like the program.

The Democrats are left to distraction. Harry Reid beclowns himself with regular attacks on the Koch brothers. It is not penetrating the consciousness of the average American. It’s only to keep him most engaged activists continually engaged. But it won’t work. The Democrats are tired. They know the odds are against them. And everything they seem to advance blows up in their face.

The albatross of Obamacare is around their necks and it looks more and more like a millstone.

The GOP leads by 14 points among voters most likely to vote in November. That is another reason conservatives should work hard in primaries to defeat the establishment. If the GOP takes back all of Congress and continues to be a nothing burger, there will be hell to pay.


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