The Georgia Life Alliance

We had hoped to sit back and make it through this weekend, but opponents are attacking us as “the establishment” trying to weaken the pro-life cause. In fact, in an email from a reporter, I was asked about us having a less hard line position than the other organization.


I’m talking about the Georgia Life Alliance, of which I am a part and will be on the board. This weekend we are asking National Right to Life to affiliate with us, which would mean ending their relationship with Georgia Right to Life (“GRTL”).

I have been calling for a new pro-life organization in Georgia since GRTL sided with Planned Parenthood and other abortion rights groups to oppose the 20 week abortion ban in the U.S. House of Representatives. GRTL has held its head up and said it took a hard line position and suggested other pro-life groups were going soft.

In fact, as I said then and repeat now, life is too precious and important for political gamesmanship. And I believe GRTL took that position for other political purposes instead of joining every other pro-life group in America to advance the life agenda down the field.

I have been saddened over the last few years with what I perceive as an organization too mired in political machinations to actually be effective any more.

A pro-life organization should support privatizing our adoption and foster care system because the state has proven itself incompetent in both.

A pro-life organization should support a mother’s right to a birth certificate when her child is still born.

A pro-life organization should support school choice because there can be no pursuit of life, liberty, or happiness if a child is forced into a failing government school with no way out.

A pro-life organization’s agenda should not stop at the womb, but should advance to protect, promote, and foster the lives of those made in God’s image as they enter the world and strive to glorify God in life.


Without knowing who we are or what positions we will take, critics allied with GRTL are attacking GLA — trying to abort our effort before we are even standing — by accusing us of being compromised, moderate, or weak.

At RedState, one must be pro-life to be a front page writer. To my knowledge, we are the only site on the right that requires that. I have fought for that rule and been willing to lose my position here in order to keep that rule.

I am neither a pawn nor tool of the establishment. I just happen to think it is time for a pro-life organization in Georgia that holds the line on life for the unborn, but continues to support pro-life policies for those once born. And I believe life is too precious for political games. We must do everything possible to advance our cause and unite to protect life.

The critics attacking the Georgia Life Alliance are attacking me and friends of mine who, though we may disagree in other ways and on other issues, are adamantly committed to the cause of life, all of which is sacred and should be protected.


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