Is Hillary Clinton on the Missing Malaysian Airlines 777?


Hillary Clinton must be on the missing Malaysian Airlines 777. That seems to be the only plausible explanation that an unbiased press corps has for not asking her how her Russian reset is going. It was Hillary Clinton who presented a physical reset button to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in 2009.


To make a big deal about the Obama Administration resetting and rebuilding a stronger relationship with Russia, Secretary Clinton, in 2009, presented the Russian Foreign Minister with the physical red button. Of course, in true Obama Administration fashion, the State Department got the word “reset” wrong. Nonetheless, it was a reminder that the Obama Administration intended a relationship not based on “seeing souls”, but on reality and mutual respect.

In fact, the historic record shows Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, was in charge of rebuilding the relationship with Russia from 2009 to 2013. She was in charge of the reset. She was in charge of a relationship built on “mutual respect.” Now the State Department accuses Vladimir Putin of lying and claims the Obama Administration misread Russian intentions.


That did not all happen in a vacuum. That did not all happen while John “French Looking” Kerry was Secretary of State. That all happened while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

And she is now nowhere to be found. She has answered no questions from the media. Surely an unbiased media would demand she answer questions. I can only conclude either the media is biased in her favor or she is on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.


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