Support Dr. Milton Wolf

Pat Roberts is Kansas’s Senator.

He does not live in Kansas. His home is in Virginia. He drives a car with a Virginia license plate. His wife is a Virginia realtor. His house in Kansas is rented out to someone. He says when he goes to Kansas, which is less and less frequent, that he sleeps in a friend’s recliner.


Pat Roberts has a challenger who actually lives in Kansas. (By the way, does Pat Roberts even pay Kansas income tax?) Roberts’ challenger is Dr. Milton Wolf.

Yes, he is a doctor. He is also one of Barack Obama’s cousins. Unlike Obama, Milton Wolf believes in the free market and is pro-life.

The Roberts campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee is freaking out about Roberts not living in Kansas. They’ve drummed up a story about Milton Wolf accusing him of violating HIPAA rules by putting x-ray pictures online. Never mind that the x-ray images were not identified with a patient.

It turns out before Dr. Wolf entered the race Senator Roberts’ team threatened to use this story against Dr. Wolf.

The story is a nothing burger designed to distract from Pat Roberts not being a Kansas resident. But this is what the Republican establishment has to do to win. Think about that for a minute — it speaks volumes that the establishment has to claim their challengers are bigger crooks than them in order to win.

Support Milton Wolf. He lives in Kansas. He is conservative. And he will stand up for freedom and small government in Washington — even in years he is not on the ballot.


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