This is What Happens When You Make Us Care

In Oregon, a baker got in trouble for not wanting to bake a cake for a gay union.

In New Mexico, a photographer likewise found herself on the wrong side of the law by not wanting to take pictures of a gay wedding.


In Colorado, a baker faces fines for not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

In each of those cases and the others that are out there, there was no proof that the business owners refused to serve gays. In fact, in more than one case they could show that they did, in fact, have gay customers.

But they did not want to provide goods or services to a gay wedding because of their religious beliefs. Instead of finding someone else, the gay couples involved ran off and complained to the government, which in each case is pushing the businesses.

In America, gay rights activists are making us care. We are not allowed to turn a blind eye. We are not allowed to opt out. They are forcing businesses to either shut their doors or provide goods and services to honor commitments that violate religious beliefs. They equate doing so to the Civl Rights struggle. Never mind that no one knows who you’re sleeping with unless you tell everybody, but everybody knows your race or sex just by look at you (yes, yes, there are some exceptions).

Gay rights activists cannot leave people alone. They do not like that the Bible, the Quran, and most religions treat homosexuality as a sin or deviance. They do not care that people want to faithfully adhere to their religion. They do not care that orthodox Christians and Muslims, adhering to their faith, are not to collaborate in the commission of sin.

They want to force us to recognize gay marriage as normal behavior when it is not and they want to silence any of us who refuse to play along. They hide behind science except when science is inconvenient and then use intimidation, harassment, and screaming.


The state of Kansas is passing legislation to stop that. The legislation protects religious individuals and their businesses from having to provide goods and services for gay marriages. The press is greatly exaggerating the legislation, trying to undermine it. The intimidation, harassment, and screaming has begun.

But we need more like Kansas. More states should follow Kansas’s lead. Faithful adherents of a religion should not be compelled to provide goods and services in the service of sin. If gay rights advocates wish to force the issue, Christians across the country should push back.

A majority of Americans may have decided they’re fine with gay marriage, but a majority also believe those who oppose gay marriage should not be forced into losing their business or providing goods and services to gay marriage.

Gay rights advocates may view their fight as one of equality. But Christians should fight on the grounds of religious liberty. More like Kansas, please.


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