Send Senate Conservatives Fund As Much As You Can NOW

Holy cow!! This ad is the most awesome political ad of the season so far. And it is absolutely accurate.
You people need to join me in sending the Senate Conservatives Fund more money
so they can get it on the air and keep it up. I saw this ad last night and immediately sent another $100.00. This is the long form web ad, but it’ll be edited into a TV ad for air in Kentucky.The Senate Conservatives Fund (“SCF”) is tying this ad presently to a donation page where they’re encouraging people to give, not to SCF, but to Matt Bevin in Kentucky.SCF has come under unbelievable fire from Senator McConnell and his lobbyist friends. McConnell just gave Obama a blank check. If I could give the Senate Conservatives Fund a blank check, I’d do so.Join me and donate right now.


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