Keeping Track of the Rule

House Republicans will vote to cleanly raise the debt ceiling today. They will do so relying on Democrat votes to make it happen.Many House Republicans will vote against raising the debt ceiling.But before they do that, they will vote for the rule related to the legislation. Each major piece of legislation has a rule that gets voted on setting out the parameters of debate, etc. If the rule passes, more often than not the legislation itself passes. Voting for the rule thereby enables the underlying legislation to pass.The Republicans get this and the House GOP will often vote for the rule, then vote against the underlying legislation knowing they’ve just enabled it to pass without their vote.Consequently, at RedState we are taking the editorial position that any Republican voting for the rule will be considered to have voted for the debt ceiling increase.We will be broadcasting their names as supporters of the debt ceiling increase and will be working with other groups to provide this information to their constituents.If a Republican votes for the rule to raise the debt ceiling, they have voted to raise the debt ceiling, they know they have done so, and they will not be given pass for washing their hands of the final vote. The debt ceiling legislation would never be able to get to the floor without the GOP voting first for the rule.



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