Kansas Senator Pat Roberts Does Not Live In Kansas

Senate Republicans Address The Media After Weekly Policy LuncheonsSen. Pat Roberts has been in Congress since 1981. His principle place of residence is in Virginia. But he is Kansas’s Senator. In fact, Roberts claims to own a residence in Ford County, Kansas, but the Ford County Tax Appriser lists Pat Robert’s residence in Alexandria, VA as the address to send the bill to for his Kansas property. Sen. Roberts wife is even a very successful real estate agent — in Virginia.Roberts has had to admit he rents his Kansas house and he sleeps on a friend’s recliner when he goes to Kansas. When the New York Times broke this story Friday, the Hill noted Roberts was staying at a hotel, instead of sleeping on the friend’s recliner.This news must be greatly panicking Roberts and the NRSC. Over the weekend an unknown group conducted a poll testing a new name against Milton Wolf. The poll wanted people to know that Milton Wolf is Barack Obama’s cousin (which is true), but more interestingly it did not list Pat Roberts as a candidate. Milton Wolf, a solid conservative, is rapidly getting support from the conservative grassroots and from here at RedState.Dick Lugar of Indiana was undone by news reports he no longer lived in Indiana. According to the New York Times report,


Mr. Roberts’s aides candidly acknowledge that the moves are an effort to ensure that he will not suffer the same fate as Mr. Lugar, who was criticized for staying in hotels when he returned home and listed on his voter registration an Indianapolis address at which he did not reside. . . . “We’re not going to get Lugared,” said David Kensinger, an adviser to Mr. Roberts.

Interestingly enough, Senator Roberts did not take steps to avoid getting “Lugared” until the day before Milton Wolf entered the Kansas primary against him. Until then, Senator Roberts had no interest in even pretending to be a Kansas resident.Now, Sen. Roberts tells the New York Times he “has full access to the recliner.”Sen. Roberts’ aides tried to rebut the New York Times story, but their statement only made it worse. In a prepared statement, the aides wrote, “Senator Roberts long has owned a home in Dodge City. It currently has a tenant; he also pays rent at a residence where he stays when he is in Dodge City.”That’s exactly what the New York Times reported. What the Senator’s staff failed to note is that the bill address for the house he owns in Kansas is his primary residence in Alexandria, VA.


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