In Kentucky, Matt Bevin Polls Better Than Mitch McConnell Against the Democrat


Here’s a fact — Mitch McConnell polls badly in Kentucky. He has been in Washington since 1985. Kentuckians, like everybody else, are tired of Washington. So Kentucky has tired of Mitch McConnell. In fact, there may be no incumbent Republican Senator more vulnerable this year than Mitch McConnell. He stays in the race because of pride. Any other Republican with his polling would be shown the door by . . . well . . . Mitch McConnell.


If the GOP does not gain the Senate in 2014, it will probably be because they lose Kentucky. They only lose Kentucky if Mitch McConnell is the Republican nominee. New non-partisan polling bears this out.

For a while, McConnell’s team has pointed to a series of partisan polls and dismissed them as such. But Rasmussen has the first really non-partisan poll. The McConnell team has panned it claiming McConnell’s primary opponent Matt Bevin does better with liberals than him.

They are squealing like a stuck pig because of what the poll actually shows. In it, McConnell and the Democrat Allison Grimes are tied. Bevin actually beats Allison Grimes. This poll is actually consistent with other polls showing McConnell only a point ahead of Grimes.

You want to change Washington? I’ll say it again — the single biggest thing you can do is support Matt Bevin. His primary is early in the year. He needs your help. We must boost his name identification. He can beat Allison Grimes. He can help us keep the Senate.


It is more and more clear that Mitch McConnell is the weakest incumbent Republican. It’s time Republicans pick Matt Bevin.


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