Leave Us Alone

Tonight, Barack Obama will stand before the Parliament of Whores in Washington, D.C. with Chuckles and the Orange Man behind him and, in more ways than one, say, “Ask now what you can do for your government, but rather ask what your government can do for you.”


You know what the government can do for me? Leave me the hell alone. They can’t get us through airports without groping us, they can’t deliver our mail without a bailout, they can’t fight a war without turning the military in a sociological experiment, and they can’t manage healthcare without 404 errors, death panels, and rigged numbers to hide massive debt.

Leave us alone.

Barack Obama will stand up, look into his teleprompter, and tell us about all the government programs he wants to create. He can’t even operate the ones he has effectively. He will tell us just how much government is helping people, when 5 million people just lost their health insurance because of his health care plan. But he won’t tell us about all the poor kids he is forcing to stay in failing schools because his teachers union friends demand it. He’ll spend time talking about jobs, but he certainly won’t take any blame for a series of policies that have destroyed the free market.

Tonight in Washington, Barack Obama will rhetorically tell us he wants to give Uncle Sam a boob job so there’s more of his man boob to go around for more people either addicted to the government teet or unable to remove themselves from it because Barack Obama and his meddling policies have corrupted and collapsed the free market so only his hand picked Wall Street winners are creating any jobs. Big government is the order of the day and by God he’ll be an executive order wielding President if the GOP doesn’t go along for the ride.


And you know what? The GOP will reply to Barack Obama and their argument will be that they should manage the leviathan of the federal government. Their problem is not government itself, but Democrats in charge of it.

If they’d just leave us alone, I suspect we’d be just fine, have more freedom, and Main Street could be productive again. I’ll be surprised if the GOP is even serious about curtailing corporate welfare to help balance the books. At least they theoretically want to balance the books. Barack Obama just wants to take from the haves to give to the have nots and conjure up magical mythical unicorn farts to pay for everything. Karl Marx out of the ivory tower into the marble hall, toned down to avoid scaring the trust funders and Wall Street.

Washington needs to leave us alone, let us make do, and make the social safety net a little less comfortable along the way. But don’t hold your breath for anyone to suggest anything so novel. Instead, we’ll get more of the broken same — the definition of insanity.


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