The NRSC is Full of Horse Manure

Mike Huckabee is out comparing the tea party to nazis and Chuck Schumer wants the government to drive the tea party from business.Never fear! The National Republican Senatorial Committee is on the case. Here’s their morning email, bit by bit:


Good morning folks,The wheels are starting to come off… on the verge of losing power in Washington, Democrats are losing it. At the Center for American Progress yesterday, Chuck Schumer called Tea Party supporters racist and discussed ways to “exploit” and “weaken” the grassroots citizen movement. Schumer suggested that one effective tactic would be to use the Internal Revenue Service to limit Tea Party group funding.

Meanwhile, the NRSC is lining up behind Shane Osborn in Nebraska because Ben Sasse, his opponent, received support from the Senate Conservatives Fund and Club for Growth.John Boehner is saying he has to be the “Gestapo” to corral conservatives to his will. Heck, he compared working with conservatives to having to let jackasses in a bar.And Mitch McConnell is referring to the tea party as bullies.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the IRS has been used as a weapon by the Obama administration to target political foes. Just this week, the New York Times reported that it was actively targeting Gary Sinise’s Hollywood Conservative Group. Senate Democrats have advocated using the IRS to target their political detractors for years.

Meanwhile, McConnell is attacking vendors who work with conservative groups. The NRSC itself has blackballed a political consulting firm that helps too many conservatives.


This week, Senator Ted Cruz wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that the Obama administration to stop stonewalling and appoint an independent prosecutor to probe the IRS scandal brought to light last year. As Andrew McCarthy wrote in National Review, “The IRS harassment of the president’s political adversaries and the agency’s role in obstructing the participation of tea-party groups in the 2012 campaign are among the most egregious episodes of Obama administration malfeasance…”

Funny that the NRSC would use Ted Cruz in its email pitch. Mitch McConnell actively whipped Republicans to oppose Ted Cruz and behind closed doors has been railing against Ted Cruz with donors. The rumor is McConnell and Boehner have both encouraged K Street to stop giving to Ted Cruz. The GOP Leader in the Senate is at war with Ted Cruz, but his minions trot out Cruz to head pat the base.Do I really need to go on?The NRSC is doing to the tea party and conservatives what Chuck Schumer proposes doing. But the NRSC is trying to fan flames of outrage against Schumer. Takes one to know one.


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