Now Wendy Davis Attacks a Paraplegic

For a feminist, Wendy Davis seems capable only of playing the damsel in distress. With the media now exposing her fraudulent biography and possible perjury in federal court, Davis has taken to blasting Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott as the source of leaks against her. There’s just one problem. According to this report by Jonathan Tilove in the Austin American Stateman — not exactly a conservative publication — “Slater [the Dallas Morning News reporter who uncovered Davis’s lies] said he never once spoke to [the Abbott campaign] about the story.”Greg Abbott, the Republican running against Wendy Davis for Governor, is a paraplegic. He has been in a wheelchair for years. We know Abbott is not the source of the story on Wendy Davis. We know Davis is only capable of playing the victim. And, as if on schedule to prove what an amateur she is, Wendy Davis attacked Greg Abbott last night saying he, a paraplegic, had not walked a day in her shoes.Yes, she said that. Hollywood has often portrayed the stupid politician prone to say things like this. They always typecast that person as a Republican. But the reality is it is either Joe Biden or Wendy Davis — both Democrats. In fact, Wendy Davis is the dimwit the media always portrayed Sarah Palin to be. Sarah Palin, of course, ran a competent campaign to get elected Governor of Alaska and has never felt compelled to play the victim. But the feminists rallying to this ineptitude sure do talk a good game about female empowerment while screaming about being victims.



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