Ben Sasse Unites Conservatives, But Runs Afoul of Mitch McConnell

Ben Sasse may be the most unique candidate running for the Senate this year.

This candidate in Nebraska has united parts of the conservative movement that often, these days, find themselves on opposite sides. The Senate Conservative Fund supports him. RedState supports him. The Club for Growth supports him. Paul Ryan supports him. He has the National Review cover profile, joining both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in that honor.


But it is the support of the Senate Conservatives Fund, the Club for Growth, and other conservatives that has Ben Sasse on the wrong side of Mitch McConnell and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

This week, several people noticed the Sasse’s opponent would be raising money at the NRSC’s offices. Washington lobbyists with McConnell ties, including McConnell’s old Chief of Staff, are in it to win it with Sasse’s opponent. I have a copy of the invitation.

Sasse, caught on YouTube last year, had demanded every Republican in Washington, starting with Mitch McConnell, show some actual leadership. This made McConnell very upset. Compounding that, Sasse got the support of the Senate Conservatives Fund. Jonathan Strong, at National Review, reported Sasse is collateral damage in McConnell’s war against the Senate Conservatives Fund.

In December, Jonathan Strong reported that Sasse’s opponent is getting help behind the scenes from Mitch McConnell.


At the start of 2014, we find McConnell’s former Chief of Staff, his lobbying friends, and the NRSC helping Ben Sasse’s opponent — all because conservative groups McConnell does not like are supporting Ben Sasse.

So now we have two candidates — one who has united conservatives across the center-right coalition in part because of his intelligent opposition to Obamacare and one who has united Mitch McConnell and his lobbyists against conservatives.

Pick one.


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