This Really Isn't Great News for Mitch McConnell

Superficially, a poll that has McConnell leading Matt Bevin 53% to 31% looks good for Mitch McConnell. In fact, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has tweeted out the link to the poll as good news for Mitch McConnell.But this past summer there was a 50 point gap in the race. Yeah — FIFTY.Actually, Bevin was down 52 points last summer. So FIFTY-TWO.By December, according to PPP, Bevin was down 27 points.Now he’s down 22 points. Certainly it is a different polling company, etc., but objectively he’s closed a pretty significant gap. More importantly, conservatives are only just now starting to turn full focus to the primaries. Kentucky may have one before June, but there is still time for conservatives to rally to Matt Bevin.Do what you can. McConnell’s negatives are already so high, Bevin needs to boost his name ID to win. That’s very possible with your help.



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