Mordor Up Close

The Orcs of Middle Earth had mouths stained with their black blood and bits of flesh stuck between their teeth. They would, over rather petty matters, kill and consume each other. The carnage between them would only cease when an elf, dwarf, hobbit, or human ventured too close. Unseen by most of the world, the carnage between the evil bands of Mordor played out over the weekend here on actual earth. Some PR representative who should have known better joked on twitter that she was going to Africa and would not have to worry about getting AIDS because she was white. Prior to this, in her twitter timeline, she had railed against the actor Kirk Cameron because he dared express his Christian beliefs.Just as Mordor descended on Phil Robertson last week, the orcs of the left consumed one of their own. By the time the PR lady got to Africa, she was without a job and her reputation destroyed by her own side.It was a rather disgusting thing to watch the pretentious hipsters on twitter destroy a career over a tweet claiming she should have known better. Yes, she should have, but should we not also show some grace? Mordor never does.About the only thing more pathetic this past week was watching self-declared and, in some cases, media profiled celebrity Christians, speak up as loudly as possible to let the world know they had utter contempt for what Phil Robertson had said.Phil Robertson gave a pretty frank and candid explanation of what the Bible says about sin and these people, worried about being loved by the world, pounced on a Christian under assault. And much of it stems from a profound infatuation with this world’s definition of love.According to the present age, if we love someone, we must love everything about them. An article the other day reported a preacher had been defrocked because he presided at his son’s gay marriage. The preacher declared he could not honor his Methodist Church’s book of church order — let alone the Bible — which prohibits gay marriage.I mentioned this story on twitter and a self-proclaimed believer declared that if Jesus were here, he’d have married the two men. Another declared that no one could say what Jesus would do today. Actually, if you flip to the end of the Bible we know that when Jesus “Mr. Love” Christ comes back, he’s going to be loving with a sword in his hand, sending a whole host of souls into hell fire.Too many people are worshiping the Jesus they created, not the Jesus who is. Christ said to love, but he also said to go and sin no more. To love someone and not share the gospel — which includes a call for a penitent heart — is not truly love. It is this world’s definition of love, which, like the orcs or Mordor, is a perversion of the real thing God created.That is something Tolkien got so spot on with Middle Earth. The evil things are corrupted or perverted things made to mimic the light and the good. Mordor has its own yard stick by which things can be measured, but its metrics are all based on evil.Phil Robertson did nothing wrong. He just did not shy away from the parts of accepting Christ that make people uncomfortable. He loves people so much, he is not willing to give people the fast pass to Hell by telling them they are not sinners.He did not judge. He just held up the yard stick and a whole lot of people did not like seeing it and realizing they’ve fallen short. In Mordor, after all, falling short is measuring up and measuring up is being a hater, homophobe, and judging.Mordor is on the march. Christians could use a few less quislings. It is only going to get worse.



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