Dr. Milton Wolf for Senate

In the past six months, Senator Pat Roberts has been a rock ribbed, small government conservative. He has stood with Ted Cruz. He has fought the fight. He’s done in the sixth year of his term everything conservatives have wanted. And that’s pretty unusual because in the last five years Pat Roberts has stood with his leadership even against conservatives.


We have seen this before. Orrin Hatch, bless his heart, went through 2012 pounding his chest and throwing red meat to the crowd. To heck with plans for amnesty, said Hatch. Shut down the government if that’s what it takes to stop Obamacare, campaigned Hatch. No more debt increases, no more spending, no more big government — Hatch was a reformed and repentant Senator.

Conservatives decided they could forgive him the prior five years of his record and his kissy face with Ted Kennedy. They re-elected him.

He immediately went back to amnesty. He gave up fighting Obamacare. He’s cool with raising taxes in the Murray-Ryan budget plan. He’s okay with growing government. Secure with another six year term unaccountable to voters, Hatch went back to his old ways.

Conservatives need to stop being played the fool by incumbent Senators who find religion in their election year. We can do better in Kansas. We can support Dr. Milton Wolf.


Dr. Wolf, a cousin to Barack Obama, has consistently been a conservative. I don’t worry that he will somehow turn wobbly in office. Dr. Wolf understands that an ‘R’ is not enough and, as he wrote yesterday, “The letter “R” did not save America.” It takes more than that. It takes principle and it takes conviction.

We can move Kansas to the right of Pat Roberts and we can do so with Dr. Milton Wolf in the United States Senate. I’m proud to support him and look forward to sending Ted Cruz reinforcements.


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