The Political Corollary to You Will Be Made to Care

Many of you are convinced you can sit on the sidelines or quietly take the side of the Republican Establishment in the upcoming primary season. Many of you are convinced it does not matter. Many of you are convinced that the GOP will do the right thing once they have control.


Many of you will be made to care by a Republican Party intent on writing you off while taking your money and vote.

Right now, while the GOP has stoked your anger over Barack Obama’s IRS harassing conservative groups, Senator Mitch McConnell and an orchestrated outside campaign of lobbyists, consultants, and donors are attacking conservative organizations. They are harassing donors to conservative organizations. They are harassing and intimidating the vendors to conservative organizations. They are doing exactly what the IRS is doing, only with “Big Louie” knocking at the door instead of a tax code wielding agent.

They will make you care.

And what of what is right? In 2012, Orin Hatch found his religion. He stood by the base on immigration. He stood by the base on spending. He stood by the base on its attacks against Obamacare. With his election delivered by a base that held on to him, he broke his promises on immigration, on spendings, on repealing Obamacare, and a host of other issues.

Can you really believe Pat Roberts, suddenly having found religion with Milton Wolf in a primary, won’t lose his faith as easily as Hatch once he has six more years?


Jeff Flake got elected from the House to the Senate with the backing of many conservatives. He promptly betrayed many groups that had supported him with his immigration flip-flop. He proved himself willing to lie to the faces of conservatives. He went so far as to betray conservatives on gun issues once he secured himself six years of unaccountability.

And what of McConnell? He says he will oppose the Ryan-Murray tax increase. But he has not lifted a finger to fight it, despite being “Leader” of the Senate GOP. He is too busy punishing anyone and everyone who might oppose his re-election.

What of Speaker Boehner? He has finally let slip his disdain for conservatives. He will, once the primaries are out of the way, spite you with an amnesty based immigration reform plan.

When last the GOP held the White House and Congress, it imposed steel tariffs in Pennsylvania, No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, TARP, the General Motors bailout, and tried immigration reform. The same Republican Party, minus George Bush, but with Karl Rove attached to outside groups, wants back the keys to the kingdom.


They increased big government when they held power all to themselves. Do you really want to give it back to them — largely the same group with few changes or additions?

The Republican Party should be better than the Democratic Party. But these days it refuses to fight, raises taxes while calling them “fees”, and presents no vision to the American people. It is the Bourbon Party — learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

The GOP will make you care. The real question is whether you’ll make the GOP care. The only way to do that is to starting taking out incumbents in primaries.

Will you help do that?


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