On John Boehner's Temper Tantrum

Today John Boehner held a press conference and said that the conservative groups who believed him when he said he’d hold the line on sequestration have lost all their credibility for believing him.His histrionics surprised a great many people.What he is doing though is strategic. John Boehner is trying to get the “us vs. them” battle lines drawn before primary season. He needs those lines drawn because he is about to move on to the immigration fight. To get to that fight, he has to take on the conservative movement in a number of primaries around the country.His temper tantrum today had very little to do with the present fight, but the next fight. Boehner needs to draw fence sitters to him, make conservative groups unpopular, and then dare the fence sitters to go sit with the unpopular crowd during the immigration fight.He’s been staffing up for the immigration fight in the House. Today, he fired the first real shots in that battle. He’s done as Speaker. This is all legacy building now. And if he has to cry on television and attack his conservative base, he’ll do it.



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