Nameless Republicans Complain to Liberals About Conservatives

I’m back from London.It seems I have missed little.Apparently, every reporter in America felt compelled last week to write accounts of where they were when John F. Kennedy died. Those reporters not yet born, revised history enough to make it work. It’s like the press has finally realized Barack Obama is no longer qualified to be secular Jesus, so they’ve gone back to JFK.Mitch McConnell hates Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and conservatives. Interestingly, when a donor claimed McConnell said something disparagingly about Cruz and Lee at a Crossroads event, Crossroads let a reporter listen to the call, but would not give the reporter an unedited copy. And while the reporter did not hear specific mentions of Lee and Cruz, he did hear McConnell attack conservative groups, plural, not just the Senate Conservatives Fund. That plural means you and me.Harry Reid blew up the filibuster, which will allow Republicans to pack the courts should they take back the White House and Senate in 2016.If Iran likes its bomb, it can keep its bomb. Seriously people — I’m all about “trust but verify,” but when the media is even reporting the deal requires less inspections than the IAEA thinks are reasonable to ensure Iran isn’t building a bomb, it’s only a matter of time before Israel attacks Iran and Saudi Arabia starts using its oil money to buy nukes from Pakistan.Oh, and a majority finally realize Barack Obama is a liar.Today, though, I see the New Republic is attacking Mike Needham using quotes from anonymous Republicans.Now, first, please understand the New Republic is a liberal publication that does not like conservatives. Second, read just the first few paragraphs and you’ll discover the New Republic’s entire article is premised on anonymous attacks by Republicans. That Republicans too scared to use their name on the record are running off to a liberal publication to attack Heritage Action for America and Mike Needham speaks volumes.What’s more, as Barack Obama’s polling collapses and Americans realize Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and the Republicans clearly defined themselves as fully opposed to Obamacare and the Democrats were willing to shut down the government to keep it going, these anonymous Republicans are choosing to re-litigate the shutdown fight in a liberal publication.The exit polling from Virginia showed that, in Virginia, voters were split 50-50 on who to blame for the shutdown. Further, as time as gone on the polling about the shutdown has shifted more and more against the Democrats. Finally, the efforts of Republicans opposed to the shutdown have been exposed as trying to prop up Obamacare, not defeat it.Yet, at the New Republic, this is how anonymous Republicans cast their re-litigation:


Sorting through the wreckage, Washington conservatives can barely contain their anger at Needham for his ideological inflexibility and aggressive, zero-sum tactics. “Their strategic sense isn’t very strong,” griped a prominent Republican lobbyist. “They’ve repeatedly been wrong about how to handle this.” Says a senior House Republican aide, “Mike Needham played a large role in defeating ideas that would have worked out better.”

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HASeriously. These people are idiots. And their complaint — anonymously to liberals — seems to be that there’s finally a grown up, at 31 years old no less, making them actually keep their promises.A group of elected Republicans are soiling themselves over an un-elected 31 year old should be a badge of honor to Mike Needham. I’m so glad to call him a friend and I guess I’m going to have to write another check to Heritage Action for America. You should too.Clearly HAFA is doing something right to have a group of Republicans say nasty things anonymously to a group of liberals. One exit point here — the unidentified people are all “senior Republican aide,” “lobbyist,” etc. In other words, the people upset with Mike Needham are the people who have profited from the status quo in Washington, i.e. the status quo of $17 trillion in bipartisan national debt where business and labor scratch each other’s backs at the expense of main street and the middle class.Congratulations Mr. Needham. As I return from London to a little changed scene here, let me tell you something plain. If you give merely $5.00 to Heritage Action for America you’ll send a strong message that you’re with the conservatives, not the anonymous peddlers of the status quo.Let them know you are with them. God knows we all either hang together in this fight or we will hang separately.



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