Collapse of the Leviathan

106,000 Americans have put an Obamacare plan in their shopping cart on one of the state or federal Affordable Care Act websites. It is not that 106,000 people have paid for a healthcare plan. The federal government has decided to tabulate those who have paid for an account and those who have merely selected an account without checking out from the website as having gotten a healthcare plan.

Less than 27,000 have actually checked out from the federal government’s own healthcare exchange website. Meanwhile, 5 million Americans have lost healthcare coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act. It will, we now know, take longer to get the website fixed than it took to win World War II — and even then the Obama Administration intends to consider it a success if only 80% of Americans can log on. Imagine if considered it a success if only 80% of its customers could check out.

Many of those who have not lost healthcare coverage are seeing rates escalate rapidly. Some young men are finding out that Obamacare now affords them one trip per year to a gynecologist and will cover their maternity needs. Complicating matters, Obamacare lets adults stay on their parents’ insurance to age 26. But, Obamacare needs these same young adults to sign up for their own plans to prop up the system.

In Colorado, a liberal group has produced a series of ads to try to get young adults to sign up. In one, a young lady holds a pack of birth control pills next to a college aged guy. The text of the ad reads, “OMG, he’s hot! Let’s hope he’s as easy to get as this birth control. My health insurance covers the pill, which means all I have to worry about is getting him between the covers. I got insurance. Now you can too. Thanks Obamacare!”

Had a conservative produced that ad, it would be attacked as misogynist at best. Liberals, however, are celebrating how cool the ad is. The one for men features college aged guys doing a keg stand, encouraging them to get “brosurance.”

The only thing more embarrassing than these ads is the Affordable Care Act itself. Columnist George Will noted some time ago that the only way the law works is if people do not behave rationally. The rational operators known as doctors are about to deliver the next shock to the American public after the present rate shock. Many of them are not going to take patients in the health care exchanges.

The largest cancer treatment facility in Texas announced that it will be among those that do not take healthcare exchange patients. Having run the numbers, it is financially harmful to their business to do so. President Obama claimed that if you liked your health insurance, you would be able to keep it. He also claimed if you liked your doctor, you’d be able to keep your doctor too.

As the American public sees the rollout of Obamacare, they also see just how badly they were lied to by the President and Democrats. The President’s personal popularity, not just his job approval rating, has fallen below 50%. Last month the Democrats had, in some polls, a double digit lead over the GOP in the generic congressional ballot question, i.e. which party should control Congress. In one month, the polling has shifted to — at best for the Democrats — a tie and, at worst, a slight lead for Republicans.

44 years ago, the United States first landed on the moon, eight years after President Kennedy declared he wanted us to go. Now, the federal leviathan cannot even construct a website with three years and millions of dollars. The recent American love affair with the leviathan is coming to an end.