Riddle Me This, Republicans

I have read Jeffrey Anderson trying to explain how the Upton + Landrieu combo is not a trap.He and other Republicans argue that Landrieu will destabilize Obamacare by keeping people out of the exchanges who are needed in the exchanges to fund it.Some of them are honest about what is going to happen. Rate shock will escalate more quickly and painfully.Insurance companies that have spent three years preparing for the transition to Obamacare will be, with Landrieu, required to let people keep their present insurance.But the companies will not be required to let people keep those present plans at present rates. Rates are going to skyrocket. People will not be able to afford what was just recently affordable. Further, they will not get subsidies.So what is more likely to happen?The Democrats will throw up their hands and say, “By God you Republicans were right. Let’s repeal and replace,” or will they say, “Hey, now we need expanded subsidies and more government control.”Congratulations Republicans. In passing Fred Upton’s legislation, which the Democrats will counter with the Landrieu plan, the GOP will in one fell swoop be tied to:

  • Declaring it okay to use mandates;
  • Massive new increases in healthcare rates;
  • The reelection of Mary Landrieu; and,
  • An eventual bipartisan compromise that fixes Obamacare instead of replacing it.

You know that last one will happen.And you don’t think this is a trap?Then why is the President suddenly amenable to Mary Landrieu’s plan? Yesterday, you Republicans were saying the President would never sign it into law.The President’s goal has never been a healthcare exchange. It has been to blow up the American healthcare system and rebuild it as a single payer plan. Upton/Landrieu destabilizes the system more, by the GOP’s own admission, and gets us to the President’s end game quicker. They’ll just expand medicaid and increase subsidies. Remember, just a month ago the GOP told us there was no point holding our ground on defunding or delaying Obamacare. The President would never agree to it. Remember?Republicans are collaborating, willfully believing the President does not want to be thrown in this briar patch. How is this not a trap?


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