Barack Obama's Iraq

In lamenting the sorry state of Meet the Press these days, Dave Weigel reminds me of a Barack Obama quote worth pointing out to Republicans.

In an interview with the New Yorker magazine, Barack Obama opined on Iraq, “There’s an old saying in politics: when your opponent’s in trouble, just get out of the way … in political terms, I don’t think that Democrats are obligated to solve Iraq for the Administration.”


I would point this out to my fellow Republicans intent on fixing Obamacare. This is Barack Obama’s Iraq. And we know now from the Wall Street Journal there has been no surge in enrollment. “Fewer than 50,000 people” have been able to get Obamacare, far short of the 500,000 target.

Even Baghdad Brian at Salon is starting to lose message discipline over this disaster. The President, who just a week ago, assured the public that his precious website would be working by December 1st, is having to walk that back now. The website probably won’t be ready by then.

Brian Beutler wants a Plan B, though it is one of the few times a lefty calls for a Plan B that doesn’t involve an abortifacient. He, and lefties like him, want to save Obamacare.

Republicans should have nothing to do with saving, fixing, or ameliorating Obamacare. This is the Barack Obama’s Iraq. It is the Democrats’ Iraq. They should own it. They drafted it. They passed it. They wrote the regulations. They said it would be the greatest thing ever.


Now let’s watch and see. The only real fix for Obamacare is fully repealing it and starting over. The GOP should not try any tinkering.

To paraphrase Barack Obama, there’s an old saying in politics: when your opponent’s in trouble, just get out of the way. In political terms, I don’t think that Republicans are obligated to solve Obamacare for the Administration.


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