NRSC Wants a "Conservative" Not "Republican" Senate, But Declares War on Conservatives

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The New York Times reports that Republicans are moving quickly to shut down the right wing of the party.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has declared war on conservatives — punishing any groups that work with the Senate Conservatives Fund.


Likewise, the NRSC is paying people to attack conservatives without disclosing they’re on the payroll.

So you might find it very funny that the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which wants you to know it is not about principle, but about winning, is declaring it wants a “conservative” Senate, not a “Republican” Senate. According to Brad Dayspring of the NRSC:

And he clarifies that will take all kinds:

Got that. It’ll take EVERYONE.


So why oh why then does the NRSC on twitter not say it wants to elect Republicans?

It doesn’t.

Go look.

They’re trying to punish conservatives, shut them down, and marginalize them, but they claim they want not a Republican Senate, but a conservative Senate.

These guys will say or do anything to get money from you while screwing you and your candidates. These are the same people who wanted Charlie Crist and Arlen Specter.

And they accuse the Senate Conservatives Fund of trying to make money off conservatives. At least the Senate Conservatives Fund backs conservatives, not people posing.


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