Cuccinelli Closing In on McAuliffe

I’ve been struggling to find good news in the Virginia Governor’s race and there is finally a bit. Cuccinelli has closed the gap with McAuliffe and is only 4 points behind now, even with the third party candidate at 9%.



Ken is a good friend and I’ve been both dearly worried about him and deeply disappointed in a bunch of Republicans who’ve decided to throw him under the bus. Many conservatives feel the Cooch campaign ran away from them and so many of them ran away from him. But it appears as the reality of a possible Terry McAuliffe victory sets in, they are all returning home.

Ken Cuccinelli is a fine man and will make an outstanding Governor of Virginia. Republicans need to rally to Ken. Many people in the GOP want Cuccinelli to lose so they can blame his loss on social conservatism or populism or anti-corporatism or a host of other things.

Let’s do what we can to help him win. He is within striking distance, there is still time, and he could use any spare cash you might have on hand to close out this last week of the race.


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