Ted Cruz is Doing the Right Thing

Some conservatives are complaining that Ted Cruz will not filibuster the debt ceiling increase in the Senate.He is doing the right thing.While you and I and he and everyone else knows the debt ceiling issue will not actually throw us into default, we must remember low information voters and the media. The media will report that Ted Cruz has single handedly thrown the nation into default. Senate Republicans have been positively giddy at the prospects of Cruz filibustering the debt ceiling increase because they want nothing more than to blame him for everything and ignore their own capitulation.Cruz rightly has pointed out that the Senate Republicans refused to stand shoulder to shoulder with House Republicans. The Senate GOP made it its mission to undermine conservatives every step of the way. For the past two weeks, the Senate GOP has leaked as much as possible to damage Cruz, Mike Lee, and conservatives. They have planted stories about outside groups, treated conservative scornfully, and in closed door meetings berated Cruz, Lee, and others for daring to fight.The debt ceiling will be raised whether Cruz filibusters or not. It was not worth giving the media another bullet to use against Cruz in this fight. Nor was it worth giving Senate Republicans the talking points they need to convince those on the fringes of paying attention that someone Ted Cruz could singlehandedly cause the nation to default.This was a smart tactically play by Cruz.As Cruz has said repeatedly, the burden of this fight is on House conservatives. We have all known that to be true. Cruz is going to be attacked enough by his fellow Senators and outside GOP interests tied to K Street. Conservatives need not attack him for refusing to give the other side more bullets to use against him.



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