Pass a Debt Limit Increase From the House

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Susan Collins are doing their best to complicate everything and shill for K Street.I am actually surprised Paul Ryan could be diverted from amnesty long enough to ensure Obamacare is fully funded.But he has.The House should act very simply — pass a debt limit increase. Pass it so it goes through Christmas. There is no point trying to do negotiations over the holidays.Then let Harry Reid reject it.Harry Reid is banking on the media being in his pocket the whole time. And they are and will be right up until they have to point out the House passed a debt limit increase that gets us through January 1st.Do it now. Keep the CR Obamacare funding free. Stop peeing in your britches over that Wall Street Journal – NBC poll. Suck it up and fight.There really are only two options: fight or complete surrender. If you guys in the House completely surrender, I assure you you’ll be fighting for your lives next year in your primaries.



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