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Republican leaders in Washington, DC are signaling they will cave on the fight against Obamacare.Heck, they are signaling they are caving on everything.Isn’t it interesting that when Ted Cruz and Jim DeMint were touring America to fight against Obamacare, the popularity of the GOP was going up and the popularity of Obamacare was going down.But now that John Boehner and the Orange Man Group of Capitol Hill are the faces of the GOP, Obamacare’s popularity is going back up and the GOP’s popularity is going back down.GOP Leaders, by caving, are signaling they want us to primary them.I am happy to help.I have just given money to Heritage Action for America.I have just given money to Senate Conservatives Fund.These two groups will be at the forefront of the fight.I am also giving money to Eric Gurr and JD Winteregg. Both have decided to primary Speaker John Boehner in Ohio. For reasons noted below, you probably want to go with Winteregg for now.I am also giving money to Matt Bevin. He is the primary challenger to Mitch McConnell.*I found Eric Gurr’s website first, but several people within the conservative movement subsequently reached out to me about JD. Then I found an email from JD. His website suggests the look of a candidate in it to win it, more so than Mr. Gurr. But either way, either must be better. For now, I won’t take a side between them. That may subsequently change. But Winteregg’s site and donation methodology look more substantive and credible. If first impressions come from a website, Winteregg is the more serious challenger. If Mr. Gurr wants to broaden his support, he’s going to need to step it up.



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