Lies, Damn Lies, and Republican Senators

Turns out John McCain was willing to shut down the military to stop Obamacare back at the end of 2009.

Though attacking Ted Cruz for daring to risk a government shut down, McCain and a number of other Republicans were willing to try that in 2009, only to see other Republicans undermine them.


Texas Senator John Cornyn is sending out fundraising letters telling people the GOP needs just 5 Democrats to help them defund Obamacare. This is a man who refuses to stand with Ted Cruz, is scared of a government shut down, but is trying to convince people he believes 5 Democrats can be pressured to help him defund Obamacare and not have a government shutdown.

I am beginning to wonder if John Cornyn is developing dementia the way he is behaving.

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker threw a hissy fit on the Senate floor yesterday. He actually accused Ted Cruz and Mike Lee of actually wanting the American public to be able to watch the Senate vote to fund Obamacare. Don’t believe me? Here are his actual words:

“The reason we’re waiting is that y’all have sent out releases and e-mails and you want everybody to be able to watch,” Corker told his Republican colleagues. “And it just doesn’t seem to me that that’s in our nation’s interest. Nor is it, candidly, in the interest of those who want to see good policy on the conservative side.”

Bob Corker actually believes it is not in the interests of our nation for the public to be able to see its Congress work. Senator Cruz, you will take comfort in knowing, did to Corker what he had done Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to Dick Durbin.


I think I saw some fava beans and a fine chianti on Cruz’s desk after he was finished.

Senate Republicans are trying to hide from the American people when not lying to them. They’ve done before what Cruz is doing now, but many of them covet the spotlight on him. Meanwhile, Congressman Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma has sent the Senate a letter telling them to stand with Cruz. Twenty other congressman signed his letter with him.

That’s right — conservatives in the House are giving Ted Cruz more support than his own Senate Republican colleagues. Contrary to what Bob Corker claims, Congressman Bridenstine accurately noted, “If Republicans vote for cloture, they are voting to enable Reid’s amendment to pass with a simple majority. This is effectively voting for ObamaCare.”

There are 15 Republican Senators who are publicly in the right place.

That means we need 26 Republicans to stop Harry Reid.

There are 12 who are publicly in the wrong place.

There are 19 Republican Senators who are unstated.

Call them.


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