Marlin Stutzman: A Righteous Warrior

Marlin Stutzman

Congressman Marlin Stutzman of Indiana has been thrown off the House GOP’s whip team. His sin? Supporting limited government.

Stutzman becomes another conservative punished by House Republican leaders for standing up for his principles. Call Marlin Stutzman at (202) 225-4436 and tell him thank you.


He refused to support the farm bill. In fact, Stutzman, a farmer, became one of the leading opponents of the farm bill. With conservative opposition and Stutzman’s leadership, the House GOP had to scuttle passage of the farm bill and break it into two separate bills.

The House GOP Leaders then filled both with pork and, just the other day, had staffers tell congressman they will rejoin both bills together.

Stutzman recognizes the unholy alliance that gives us bad farm policy and bad welfare policy. He was willing to stand up against it. He was willing to stand up against it even though farm bills have for decades made many people, including some members if Congress very rich.

For that, House leaders punished him. And for that, you should call him and tell him thank you for standing for principles over politics. It’s rare to see members of congress willing to do the right thing even at the expense of congressional perks.

Call Marlin Stutzman at (202) 225-4436 and tell him thank you. Seriously — call him and let him know he did the right thing.


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