Republicans as the Female Reproductive System in Politics

Republican Convention

As Editor of this site, I cannot use the word I wish to use.

At the Republican National Convention in Florida, Code Pink activists dressed up in giant pink consumes designed to look like … well … to keep things polite here … “lady bits” as some might say to convey the message without the word. They were decorative pink costumes that look like hot dog bun costumes but altered.


Never has there been a better metaphor for the Republicans in Washington, DC.

In the past week there has been hit job after hit job after hit job against Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jim DeMint, Heritage Action for America, Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund and scores of other conservatives who only want one thing — the GOP to actually defund Obamacare.

Every single hit job by the Establishment GOP mouthpieces against conservatives has a common presupposition:of course the GOP will cave.

That should tell every Republican in the nation everything they need to know about the DC GOP Establishment. Their own shills from National Review to the Wall Street Journal go into fights expecting they will cave.

They talk about “end game strategy,” which is just two words too many when “surrender” works.

More Americans oppose Obamacare now than at any time. As rhetoric on defunding Obamacare has gone up, so has Republican popularity and opposition to Obamacare. A full quarter of the American public wants Congress to actually blow up Obamacare. When is the last time a full quarter of the whole population wanted Congress to do any one thing?


More than half want Obamacare either destroyed or substantially changed.

But the GOP, its allies in the press and pundit core, and its very leadership are such [insert euphemism of choice related to the female reproductive system] that they’d rather plan their surrender before making their retreat.

At this point, I’d rather ten Ted Cruzes and Mike Lees than 100 John Boehners or Mitch McConnells. At least when Cruz and Lee speak, the GOP’s popularity rating goes up.


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