Texas Rep. John Culberson's Staff Hate Sen. Ted Cruz For Holding Events in Texas


Everything that is wrong with Washington Republicans is summed up in this story.

You have a top aide for Eric Cantor going into the Republican Study Committee meeting to discuss terms of surrender over the continuing resolution and debt ceiling.


You have an aide to Senator Ted Cruz respond with a solution to the Cantor aide.

Then you have an aide to Rep. John Culberson of Texas start yelling at the Ted Cruz aide that Senator Cruz isn’t “dealing in reality.”

This is where it gets funny and ridiculous.

Rep. Culberson’s aide’s chief complaint is that the a sitting Senator from Texas dared to hold an event in … well … Texas.

I’m baffled.

Interestingly, you know this is a leak from people opposed to Ted Cruz because it reveals the identity of the Cruz staffer and not the identity of the Culberson staffer. The sense of entitlement from staffers is astounding.

But we can now put Culberson on the list of exposed Republicans who are going home to their districts to claim they support defunding Obamacare, but in reality don’t want to fight to defund Obamacare.

Texas Republican congressmen, by the way, with the exception of Louis Gohmert, Steve Stockman, and just a couple others, really do suck. I mean, it’s Texas. These congressmen should have the testicular fortitude to fight. But it’s apparently in a lockbox some anonymous staffer keeps hidden away.


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