BuzzFeed Sources Think If You Like @Uber You Must Be Getting Paid

I know I have some pretty stupid critics out there, but this may be the stupidest thing I’ve ever been accused of. See this email from Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed. Bless her heart, she’s having track down people and ask them if they are getting paid to say awesome stuff about Uber.Anyone who has ever used the service says awesome things about Uber. But read this nonsense:


From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
RE: question from a BuzzFeed reporter

Hi Erick,I’m a reporter for BuzzFeed. I have heard that you, plus some other writers, had a deal with Uber in which you wrote or tweeted favorable things about the company in exchange for money. In your case, I’m told that the money went through Eagle Publishing. I went back and saw numerous tweets from you: (what’s the promotional deal referred to in this one?) any money change hands for these, either directly or indirectly coming from Uber? If so, how much? If this was going on, why didn’t you disclose the financial relationship? Thanks Erick — I look forward to your responses. You can also call me at ***-***-**** if that’s more convenient. best,
Rosie Gray

Exposing pay to play among conservatives is kind of BuzzFeed’s thing. They’re pretty uninterested in foreign, brutal regimes paying off leftists, but they love to drum up stories about conservatives getting paid. So this is kind of a natural thing to approach BuzzFeed with.But seriously?I’m an Über user. Every Uber user gets a promo code in their usual area when Uber comes in. Uber came into Atlanta and, having been a long time DC Uber user, you are damn right I was going to promote the service to make sure they get Atlanta hooked and stay.But as I told Rosie, no I’ve never gotten a penny from Uber directly or indirectly. Hell, I never even used the Uber promo code I tweeted out for people to use. I use Uber in Washington, New York, Atlanta, and even used them in Chicago on a recent trip. Uber is routinely attacked by taxi monopolies and regulators who hate creative capitalist endeavors. Of course I’m going to say nice things about such an awesome service.Go check out the twitter feeds of various members of Congress who also love Uber and routinely help them against the DC Commission.I guess I should have written a listicle titled “13 Most Depressing Aspects of Taking a Taxi” then BuzzFeed would understand.Good grief.By the way, I just found this in my email:


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OMG I must be getting bribed!!!!


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