MSNBC and Organizing For Action Coordinate Activity

Organizing For Action, Barack Obama’s equivalent of Woodrow Wilson’s Committee on Public Information, has a website up of climate deniers in the House of Representatives. OFA wants its members to harass the “climate deniers”.Today is Organizing for Action’s big climate change day. They intend to march out into the public square and attack members of Congress, conservatives, and others who aren’t in on their campaign to destroy capitalism in the name of global warmer … errrr … climate change. Key to this is getting OFA members to Republican town halls, etc. to harass a targeted list of Congressmen.Right on cue, MSNBC has joined the effort. MSNBC, more and more the official mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, has up a list of Republican members of the House Science Committee who are dismissive of the left’s global warming … errrrrrr … climate change hysteria.The timing — after 4pm the day before OFA sets out from the Black Gate of Mordor to harass, badger, and intimidate its political opponents — is rather striking.We all know MSNBC’s liberal stance, but this seems beyond the pale of journalism, even leaving aside the actual science (as opposed to scientific consensus) — shilling for Obama’s grassroots arm.



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