Finger Lickin' Frauds

John Cornyn went on radio yesterday with Chad Hasty (on twitter: @chadhastyradio) on Lubbock’s NewsTalk 790 AM KFYO. When asked why he took his name off Mike Lee’s letter about defunding Obamacare, John Cornyn said he did so because of a Congressional Research Service report on the implication of Mike Lee’s strategy.There’s just one problem. John Cornyn took his name off the letter before the Congressional Research Service released its report. In fact, before Mike Lee’s office officially released the names on the letter, multiple sources in the Senate confirmed that Senator Cornyn removed his name after conversations with Senator Mitch McConnell’s office.The Congressional Research Service report came out Monday, July 29, 2013. Senator Cornyn dropped off the letter the prior Monday, and was publicly not on the list when Mike Lee officially released it on July 25, 2013.Last night on the floor of the Senate, Senators Cornyn and McConnell went through a kabuki dance of “We Care” theater showing just how committed they are to killing Obamacare.First, Senator McConnell asked for unanimous consent to delay the individual and employer mandates in Obamacare. His friend Harry Reid objected for the Democrats.Then, Senator Cornyn asked for unanimous consent to prohibit the IRS from enforcing Obamacare. Again, Senator Reid objected.In other words, Senators Cornyn and McConnell are panicked that conservatives are exposing them for not really fighting to stop Obamacare. They asked the Democrats for unanimous consent to stop Obamacare. The Democrats.But neither Mitch McConnell nor John Cornyn are willing to commit to opposition of the continuing resolution if it provides funds for Obamacare. They say it will only partially defund Obamacare. Meanwhile, their stunts at unanimous consent are killed by Democratic objections.All they have to do is oppose a continuing resolution that funds Obamacare. It’s not a complete repeal. As Senators McConnell and Cornyn and others repeatedly tell us, that is impossible with Barack Obama in the White House.But it is a good start. Unfortunately, the 11 herbs and spices of these finger lickin’ frauds include show votes and sermons opposing Obamacare and while Republicans are so distracted by the theatrics, they ignore these guys refusing to take actual meaningful steps to disrupt Obamacare.Put simply — Republicans who drone on about Obamacare, but won’t sign Mike Lee’s letter and vote against a continuing resolution that funds Obamacare are finger lickin’ frauds. They stick their finger in the wind and speechify in that direction, but just won’t walk what they’re talking in that direction.



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